Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Her name is Maria.........

As we pull under the overpass, I can see them, their little tents huddled together like some kind of residential dwelling place. But oh, so different! Some don't have even the luxury of such a meager dwelling, they are just huddled together at the top of the stairs.

"Tomorrow is Christmas, what will the day be like for them", I think to myself as we pull out the tables and supplies to share with them and try and put some cheer into their lives, even if only for a moment.

As I am busy running around trying to get all things prepared and laid out on the table, I almost run into her. She is about a twenty something young girl, wearing only a hooded sweatshirt with a t-shirt on underneath, thin sweat pants and tennis shoes. As I look into her dark brown eyes, I see hurt, pain, fear, then she ask me, " do you have something warm to eat?" Wow,  as I look at her I can see she is very cold. It's about 30 degrees outside and snow is on the ground. "Soon", is my reply to her, " the soup is just heating up and I will bring you some when it is hot." "You are cold, come get some warm socks and things." I take her to the table and she is so timid she won't even take for herself, but waits as I hand her things to try and help warm her up.

She quickly walks back to her small tent with the goods in her hand. As she walks away, my heart aches, what more can I do?

As the soup is warming I impatiently keep checking it, oh, why can't this hurry up and get hot, she's so cold. Finally, I think it's ready! I quickly fill the cup and rush it off to her before it has the chance to cool down in the cold air.

"Maria," I call as I get close to her tent. She answers and I hand her the soup and another warm blanket.

How God must feel over the sadness and sorrow of His creatures. I have a home to go back to, a warm bed to sleep in and she's out there, cold and in a tent?

"He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief:" Isaiah 53: 84

May I not live to myself, but always seek to stretch my arm out to those around me. May my heart always be touched with their sorrows.

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