Sunday, January 12, 2014

Remembering some of 2013........

Wow, as we looked at our blog site, we realized how busy we have been! It's been awhile since we've posted!

           Alaska was such an awesome experience! 11 people, one little dog and our trusty bus, Paul.
                                         All things loaded in we were off for a real adventure!
                          (Arron was standing next to cut him out, sorry Arron)

                    On our way through Canada, we passed out over 300 glow tracts!
 In some strange and creative ways did we get these tracts into the hands of needing, hurting people.

                            We stopped along the way for lunch and to let our weary driver rest.......

                                                Once we reached Alaska the work began!

singing-the Sutherland's

                                                               Health Talks- Travis Park
                                                          Heath Talk- Sabrina Peterson

                                                      Children's Meetings-Heidi & Cortney

                                                           Health Expo-glucose screening
                                                             Evangelism- Eugene Prewitt

                                                            Health Expo-Arron & Adam

                                                                  Health Expo-massage

                                              Schane & Adam at the book & nutrition tables

                                                                        And the FUN!

                            We had several non-Adventist attending our meetings every night!

                         The bond we formed on that bus was incredible! We became one family!

        Alaska is such an untouched field! People were hungry for the literature and tracts we handed out!


         We also visited a homeless shelter in Fairbanks, where we sang for them......very rewarding!!!!


                                                                   Girls dorm room tent.

                          We look forward to doing it again 2015!!!!!!! Won't you join us????

                                          May you all be blessed with a Happy New Year!

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