Sunday, February 26, 2017

2016 News Letter

Dear Friends,
2016 is behind us now, just a recollection of things in the past........

“A new year is before us, plans should be laid for earnest, persevering effort in the Master's service. There is much to be done to advance the work of God.” CM 17.2

We expect to see many changes this new year of 2017. Some changes may be welcomed, while some.....uncertain. But we have this promise “I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day.”1Tim1:12 Let not the angel of the Lord record next to our names, “A day lost!” AH 472.4

As we look back into the pages of 2016, we stand amazed at God's leadings.
In March we had the opportunity of helping 2 very special people concerning their health. We took them through a detox and cleansing program. This was an intensive 3 weeks! Focusing on the 8 laws of health, a raw food & juice program which included herbal supplementation, and simple hydro therapy treatments. Many health issues were revealed during this time.One said, “ I have learned so many new things about my body and how it works.” We look forward to doing more!

As we set our faces to the sun, we have many obstacles standing in our path. One of which is how to successfully operate a non-profit ministry and yet financially supply the daily needs of our family. You see as founders and operators of F.O.L ministries, we have agreed to not receive any personal pay or monetary rewards from this ministry. We want ALL the hard earned money of our donors to go directly to the benefit of F.O.L, 100%. We have chosen to supply our personal needs by the work of our own hands thatmore can be done in ministry. We made the decision to “live simple, that others may simply live.” We feel God has answered our prayers! We have established a small store front right here on our 20 acres. “CROSSROADS” a store that is a quality second hand business, offering health foods and supplies, a christian bookstore and small bakery. We have dedicated that out of every dollar earned, a small percentage would be donated to F.O.L. We also have a donation can on the counter which many have placed their sacrificial offerings in to support this ministry.

Here in Alaska we have a very short summer season, usually only June and July, as fall sets in about mid August. So it was a busy summer season with building projects!
We have been so blessed with this business! So many have come in and just opened up with us on issues of the Bible, health, the state of our world. One lady came in to pray for us with tears as she expressed, “God needs you here!”It has truly been a light in a dark place! Another young girl of about 18 comes in frequently, she says “I love this little store.” There is quality christian music played here all day long, this girl, not being of any christian lifestyle, has enjoyed coming here for the relaxing and elevating christian atmosphere, we have seen the softening of her heart. One day she came in and selected a basket full of items, of which was a Bible! We were thrilled to see this young girl with no apparent desire for Christ-like things, choosing the first step in her relationship with her Creator. Oh, the stories we could share.......
F.O.L made the decision to not attend ASI this year, as the grand opening of CROSSROADS was August 23. We hope to be able to attend ASI and/or GYC in 2017.

In the fall we were so pleased to see our daughter off to minister in India for Living Springs ministry in Kolkata. The work must go forward here and abroad.
Our hopes and plans have changed for 2017. The large property which we were hoping to purchase was sold in September. Seems the man who owned it died and without any notice to us, it was sold for a very cheap price of $270 per acre! We have taken that as an answer from God to move forward at a smaller scale. We will continue on right here on our 20 acres with health ministry, while placing on hold the plans for a training center on the back burner for now.

There are many sick and dying people in our world who need someone to show them a better lifestyle, a better way. Recently a man in his 60's came to us asking for guidance in health. He smokes and drinks so it wasn't hard to tell him where to start. But he wanted to know more. So we visited with him for quite a long time, sharing our own testimonies on health and Bible principles. We pray he will take hold of the message. For we are told the health message is “the right arm of the gospel” and “an entering wedge” CM ch21 May we be faithful to proclaim it and show the love of Jesus through it.

Let us see what God will do for us tis year! We thank you for your support and pray God will bless you abundantly.

Angie & Mark Johnson
President & Vice President
Fountains Of Life Ministries
Changing Lives For Eternity
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Monday, August 24, 2015

Look and see what we are planning..................

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Forward and Onward

As many of you know, we have just made the biggest decision facing us........."the move"
We have finally done it, from Washington north to Alaska.

It was amazing how God orchestrated the events of things. It was 3 years ago that we were strongly impressed to start a training center in Alaska to teach industry, which would be important to train up missionaries for foreign work and work right here in the remote places of the U.S.

So we put our house up for sale to see where it all would go, or if it would go.

Well, events took place and in our minds things changed, we decided we would drop the idea of the mission training & lifestyle center and if our house sold we would just move to Alaska and do something in the form of missionary work.

It wasn't until January of 2015 that, after all this time and our house was still not selling, that we reconsidered the idea of starting a training center. After much prayer and consideration, we concluded it would be okay with us if God wanted to use us to start just such a thing.

Much to our surprise within 3 weeks we had a solid offer on our home and within about a month we were all moved out and ready to start a life in Alaska!

So here we are, we feel God has directed us to a beautiful piece of land just 20 miles east of Delta Junction, Alaska!

It is so perfectly prepared for us, all we need now is the funds to make things happen!

The property is a bit more than we need (1040 acres) but for the price it's beyond unbelievable! Only $595,000 (asking price) with only $175,000 down and owner contract for the rest! WOW!!!

There are already existing buildings on the property, with a septic and well and a complete off-grid system!!! What more could we ask for.........except the funds to purchase it.

God has already put us in touch with interested staff and students who have caught the same vision God has given us. Thanks to ASI we have had some small financial contributions and some who would like to donate equipment for our Lifestyle Center. However, much more is still needed in the way of equipment and money.

But we need to purchase the property..........does God start something He doesn't finish? No, so we press "Forward and Onward." I think we are wearing out the knees on our clothing from much prayer about this project.

Please, prayerfully consider how God would like you to be a part 0f this ministry.

Enjoy these pictures of Alaska!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Take a Drink

As I was reading from my favorite book, Christian Service, I found this........

"Every true disciple is born into the kingdom of God as a missionary. He who drinks of the living water becomes a fountain of life. The receiver becomes a giver." DA 195

That I may take a LONG, forever, drink of this kind of water!!


"If we are not willing to make special sacrifices in order to save souls that are ready to perish, how can we be counted worthy to enter into the city of God?" Testimonies, V9 p103

Thursday, March 6, 2014

"I'm Goin' Home"

     It was an especially cold night that night. I was so grateful to have on the extra warm clothes I had, and I was still cold. We had served many cold and lonely people that night. Things were just staring to wind-down a bit.

     As I ventured to the other side of the tables, I wondered down towards the end where all the clothing, blankets and other life necessities were being served.

     There he was, bags flung over his shoulders. It appeared he had found some of the things he would need that night in his attempt to keep from freezing to death as he made his bed among the cold and lifeless streets.

     As I approached him, my heart sank as I thought of the night he would endure. "Did you get some soup", I asked him. A very gentle reply came back to assure me he had.

     Oh, what could I say or do to show him I cared about his life. "Sleeping out tonight", I asked. The sad reality came back at me that he would not sleep in the shelter that night. As all the shelters were filled to over-flowing that night and many were sleeping out that night.

     "Are you from here?" I asked, trying to engage him in conversation. Then the words came from his lips that would be repeated many times through the next 15 or so minutes as he shared with me his story, "I'm goin' home."

     His name is Joey, Joey had just spent the last 8 1/2 years of his life in the Montana State Pen. Stealing cars and transforming them into other cars had been only good while it lasted.

     Originally from Portland, Oregon, he had left behind a wife and a child, then 2 years old. His wife had remarried, but oh, his boy. How he'd missed him. "I'm goin' home", he said. I caught his determined spirit, and began to share in his earnestness. 

     Then he began to off-load the cargo he'd been carrying around. What was his plan I thought to myself. Then he reached into his back pocket to pull out his wallet. I bet I'm gonna see a picture, I thought. I was right, he flipped open his wallet to a young boy with a beautiful smile looking back at me. "Wow", I said, " He looks like you."

     "I'm goin' home", he said. "They taught me how to make a sign today and ask for money", he told me. Then pointing to the green bills folded-up and tucked into a special place in his wallet. "I made $27 today, I'm trying to get enough for a bus ticket, I'm goin' home."

     Oh, what could I do to help this poor man who had only returned to "normal" society 2 weeks ago, to regain hope and trust in God. He had a pocket Bible, he shared that God had been his source of strength through it all. "Just a minute", I said as I ran to get a small offering towards his cause. When I returned I handed him $20. He stood there, beside himself, he was now more than half way there. Almost enough for the ticket home.

     My husband had now joined our conversation. I asked if we could pray with him, he put his arms around Mark and I and bowed his head on ours as we huddled there in the street and prayed to the Almighty God for guidance in Joey's life
      I pray for Joey, this world is a hard place. I know it won't be easy for him to try and melt back into society. But I pray he will never let go of God.

     For me, Joey taught me something that night. His earnest desire and determined spirit,"I'm goin' home." May that be our desire. To go home with Jesus when he comes. May there be many there in that heavenly home because we cared enough. By God's grace may I be there to see Joey again and to tell him, "Joey, we're home!"


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Another true mission experience with our friends the Homeless of Spokane!
There truly couldn't be anything more worthwhile than helping those around us in need.

Brings to heart the true meaning of Sabbath. When a group of  30 adventurous people, from all age groups, join together, in the cold, to bring hope and meaning to those who are suffering on the streets. 

We served more cups of soup this month (February 2014) than we have since we started 3 years ago!

I think I can speak for all who volunteered, it is an experience worth trying!! You'll be forever changed!!!

A BIG thanks to all those who make all this happen. We couldn't do it without your help and support!

May God Bless Us As We Seek To Do His Will!!!!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Remembering some of 2013........

Wow, as we looked at our blog site, we realized how busy we have been! It's been awhile since we've posted!

           Alaska was such an awesome experience! 11 people, one little dog and our trusty bus, Paul.
                                         All things loaded in we were off for a real adventure!
                          (Arron was standing next to cut him out, sorry Arron)

                    On our way through Canada, we passed out over 300 glow tracts!
 In some strange and creative ways did we get these tracts into the hands of needing, hurting people.

                            We stopped along the way for lunch and to let our weary driver rest.......

                                                Once we reached Alaska the work began!

singing-the Sutherland's

                                                               Health Talks- Travis Park
                                                          Heath Talk- Sabrina Peterson

                                                      Children's Meetings-Heidi & Cortney

                                                           Health Expo-glucose screening
                                                             Evangelism- Eugene Prewitt

                                                            Health Expo-Arron & Adam

                                                                  Health Expo-massage

                                              Schane & Adam at the book & nutrition tables

                                                                        And the FUN!

                            We had several non-Adventist attending our meetings every night!

                         The bond we formed on that bus was incredible! We became one family!

        Alaska is such an untouched field! People were hungry for the literature and tracts we handed out!


         We also visited a homeless shelter in Fairbanks, where we sang for them......very rewarding!!!!


                                                                   Girls dorm room tent.

                          We look forward to doing it again 2015!!!!!!! Won't you join us????

                                          May you all be blessed with a Happy New Year!